Fundada en 1940, Air Products and Chemicals Inc. es uno de los tres mayores fabricantes de gases industriales del mundo, con operaciones en más de 50 países de los 5 continentes y más de 21,000 empleados. El Grupo INFRA® y Air Products son socios desde 1980. Esta alianza estratégica ha permitido el intercambio mutuo de tecnología de producción, diseños de plantas, aplicaciones de gases e investigación y desarrollo tecnológicos.

Grupo INFRA, through its subsidiary ENERGIA INFRA, has developed experience in the generation and sale of electricity, operating power generation plants with more than 140 MW of capacity in Mexico.

Energy supply

Energy generated in the cogeneration plant and delivered to the national electrical system in charge of CFE to carry out the portage required for the required use of the electrical network for transportation from the point of interconnection to the point of consumption.


Industrial Welders Division

The leading manufacturer of welding and cutting machines for various industry processes such as: Coated Electrode

  • MIG
  • TIG
  • multithreaded
  • Plasma cutting generators

Industrial Safety Division

We adapt to the demands of your company or business in the manufacture of personal protective equipment:

  • face protection
  • eye protection
  • head protection
  • Respiratory tract protection
  • Welding lightning protection
  • ear protection
  • welding accessories

Fábrica de Instrumentos y equipos is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of equipment for:

  • Autogenous welding and flame cutting
  • Instrumentation
  • hospitable
  • home care

Manufacture of filler material for welding such as:

  • solid wires
  • Submerged arc
  • hacksaws
  • fluxes
  • electrodes

Envases de Acero has experience in the design and manufacture of cryogenic tanks and transport.

Manufacture of cryogenic storage tanks such as:

  • cryogenic tanks
  • cryogenic transports
  • ISO containers
  • Evaporators

Leaders in the manufacture of calcium carbide and derived products such as:

  • Carbumag
  • Desulmet
  • Synthetic slag